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Our Game Plan

how we'll do it

Our Game Plan

PHASE I: Leverage the existing infrastructure within philanthropy

Supply: Connect donors to existing issue-area expertise to direct donor dollars towards nonprofits and projects that are producing the most social impact. Our process is two-fold: 1) identify and partner with existing philanthropic and issue area experts as Fund Managers, and 2) distribute the Funds to as many donors as possible through partnerships with existing donors channels.

Demand: Through user research with select partners, we will understand how to present Funds in the way that encourages the most strategic philanthropy based on various donor contexts.

PHASE II: Develop proprietary infrastructure to broaden and deepen impact

Supply: Our goal is to exceed the capacity of our initial Funds with donor demand by multiple orders of magnitude. This will create a new challenge: develop new grant making infrastructure from the ground up that is as effective as existing institutions but serving all issue areas, especially those that are otherwise neglected.

Demand: Beyond continued investment in user research, we will pursue “demand generation” activities to improve public awareness, understanding, and adoption of strategic giving.